Only in a Dutch Hatha Yoga class…

…would we do forward and backward cycling motions while on our backs as part of a relaxation routine. I was determined to get through the class without letting the instructor know I was an English speaker. Unfortunately she found out when she asked for my name and my handy-dandy American accent came out. Once we got started I realized that despite my 1) previous yoga experience and 2) ever-growing Dutch language knowledge, the class would have been really hard to follow if she spoke entirely in Dutch. She would begin in english, then say a shortened version in Dutch (thought it would have been the other way around!) At least I got a nice yoga session in. Everyone else at the gym speaks to me in Dutch though (well, as much you talk to other people while working out anyway…)

I’m still loving the daily Dutch challenges. Last week I had a conversation with a store clerk half in English and half in Dutch. We kept switching back and forth. I started in English, but then answered his next question in Dutch, so he switched to Dutch… luckily we made it through and laughed about it. 

This is just a short little post to tide you over until next weekend, when I’ll blog about Zack’s visit. He arrives on Friday. I think we’ll be doing the complete opposite of what Anna and I did, which will be nice and refreshing. Still dragging him to some coffee places though, but I know he wants to see that bassett hound. 


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