Study Abroad Portfolio Statement Page

Greetings y’all,
I added yet another new page to the blog, find it on the top bar. Pitzer requires students who are abroad to complete and submit writing assignments with a variety of topics. Our final assignment was to reflect on our writing exercises (in a portfolio statement) and then reflect on our time abroad as a whole. My statement is only reflective of my first few months as the program is designed for one semester only students, but I hope to complete another reflection in June. This page (and essay) sums up my experiences/what I’ve gained/etc. and I haven’t decided if I will include a few of the individual assignments on the page as well. Check back in a bit, maybe you’ll see a surprise essay on environmentalism in Amsterdam in a few days.

In the meantime, look at my cafe page and gaze at this beauty:

Look at that face, Sjef!

Look at that face, Sjef!

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