One for Sorrow, Two for Joy

Just a shorter update before classes start this week. I’ll have a nice long entry after my sister visits, can’t wait until Friday! I was so ready to announce that Amsterdam’s winter officially didn’t come this year, but now it has changed its mind again! My days fluctuate between sunshine and gloominess, but either way I try not to let the weather dictate my mood or activities. I’m still crossing places off of my cafe bucket list and getting ready for classes to start Monday. Just living the life of a Dutchie, and loving every day.

This past week has been slow but I’ve mustered up the energy and money for a few adventures. We went to ikea, always an adventure and one filled with fifty cent hotdogs after buying sheets for visitors. We met new neighbors (yay!) and then crashed the ISN introduction party for the newbies of this semester. Of course, being there reminded me how much I disliked it the first time around as it felt like high school. Yesterday, when the sun came out, Nat, Devon and I took advantage by strolling down to a favorite cafe called Two for Joy (see cafe tab for pictures!). It is so comfortable there and such a great place to talk. The name is based off of the nursery rhyme, I like this version the best:

One for sorrow, two for joy,
three for a girl, four for a boy,
five for silver, six for gold
seven for a secret, never to be told,
eight for a wish, nine for a kiss,
ten for a time of joyous bliss.

After we got home, Natalie and I walked along the dock right next to where we live. I’m unsure how I went all of last semester without exploring it, but it’s a beautiful place. People dock their ships there and most likely live there as well. The sky was clear and we could look straight out to see Amsterdam North. I can see many picnics taking place on that pier. I’m thankful I can uncover such beautiful places every day, and so close to home even. What a perfect friday afternoon.

Danglin out on the dock with Nat

Danglin out on the dock with Nat

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

lil on pier
Devon alerted us that today, February 1, was the last day to ice skate in Museumplein. Somehow this activity got away from me last semester when the outdoor rinks around town opened (or I avoided them based on my dad’s skating accident back in the day), but since today was my last chance I just had to go for it. The Dutch people know how to do it yet again and supplied old wooden chairs for people to push around on the ice for balance if they couldn’t skate. I had never seen that! Fortunately none of us needed them. Devon is Canadian and worked in a hockey shop so she was a total pro while Calum had never skated before. I was somewhere in the middle and got into my groove pretty quickly. There was a pop-up cafe connected to where skates could be rented, and also where we enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate during a break. It felt like winter today, so maybe it’ll stick around for a little longer. I really don’t mind it, at least during these days when I’m not on my bike for 10 miles.

Being a dweeb in front of the I Amsterdam sign, what else is there to do.

Being a dweeb in front of the I Amsterdam sign, what else is there to do.

Posing with Devon.

Posing with Devon.

...and Calum, holding on for dear life.

…and Calum, holding on for dear life.

Although last week I hated the time spent alone in my apartment, I love now the time that I’ve had just living and being. There’s no pressure to sightsee or completely fill my days with activities. This is the time I knew I’d want here, just living as a local and seeing a city from a view that most kids my age don’t get to see. Even though we didn’t go out of the country on these two weeks off, I still enjoyed myself and am well-rested for classes. Looking forward to a great week. Tot ziens!

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