A Goodbye to Holland… for now!

My last post before returning home for the holidays. This week has been a whirlwind of emotions, but what else can you expect. I’ll be re-entering a world that I know I love but am also hesitant to return to. I had to say goodbye to some of the greatest people I’ve met in my life. who were only here for the semester. But most importantly I have to leave the most beautiful and magical place I’ve ever been for a month.

The time from returning from Prague to Monday had been spent studying for my final and writing three gigantic papers, but this is typical for all of my friends as well. I luckily and somewhat unexpectedly finished two that are due when I’m home, and plan on finishing my last one (a project worth 100% of my grade, thanks Dutch schooling system) on the plane and at home. The time not spent studying was dedicated to planning what I’ll be taking home/bringing back next semester and what I’ll do during my 2 free weeks upon returning to Amsterdam. As you can tell, not quite ready to leave.

Monday night was our first goodbye to our dear friend Ivanna. I said goodbye to two more good ones yesterday, Kaitlyn and Divya. I can’t describe the feeling of saying goodbye to people you got to know so well in such a short period of time that you really aren’t sure if you’ll see again. I think these moments were so intense because I haven’t really had to say goodbye like this before. The last time was saying goodbye to my dear love from Claremont who will graduate before I’m back, Biz, but I’m a firm believer that if you’re meant to see someone again you will. And, quite frankly, I know I’m meant to run into her quite a few more times during my life. Ivanna, Kaitlyn, Nat and I made a pact that we’d meet up again in five years somewhere that none of us have been. I know I’ll see Kaitlyn and Jasmin during senior year (just a quick jump up to San Fransisco from Claremont) and I hope to make it to Canada to see my girls that live there, just to do it.

So, thank you, Amsterdam (and overall the world kind of) for supplying me with the best semester of my life. I’m thankful that this isn’t the real goodbye. Thank you for showing me that beauty exists every day in the city and all of its components, the people around me, my friends, the process of change, and in myself. Thank you to the woman who was roller skating down my favorite street a few days ago for making me smile. Thank you to all of the babies and dogs on bikes, sitting in complete bliss, for reminding me to be careless once in a while. Thank you for my friends for teaching me so much about the diversity of our upbringings and how to be grateful for everything each of have experienced, the good and the bad. Thank you to the cappuccino for nursing me back to a human temperature after freezing rides back from class. Amsterdam, I will greet you in January with open arms and can’t wait to share my city with my sister, Zack, and my family throughout next semester.  Tot de volgende keer! Liefs, Lily.


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