Bijna Kerst

Almost Christmas. Once it turned December (yesterday) it really hit me that time has flown. As I say to myself every single day, thank God I have another semester here. I’m going to list a few highlights (or exciting things at least, some are bad) that made this week different from the past few. Feeling a little repetitive, but hey, this is normal life for me now!
1. I played tour guide (yet again) with Ryann, my friend from lower school (and still friend today)
2. I saw a woman laying in the street that was hit by a Vespa (ugh!)
3. I almost had a complete conversation in Dutch with an employee at a store until I caved and had to ask what her last sentence meant (another ugh!)
4. Christmas shopping is one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam
5. My professor played us Dutch rap in our culture class and it was a lot cooler sounding than American rap
6. My first Thanksgiving not at home (and not in America) proved to be actually quite sad, and I realized the gift that is being with your family on holidays

So yes, Ryann came to visit me from Galway, Ireland from Tuesday until Friday of last week (Sra. Wheeler, she says hi!) I quite liked having a visitor during the week, as we were more low-key but still got out around the city. I let her explore on her own while I went to a lab on Thanksgiving, but I was also happy to take a break and see the Stedelijk museum, the modern art museum which I hadn’t seen yet. My Thanksgiving would have been even more depressing if she wasn’t here as my roommate was in London with some of her family. A few kids in my building tried to get a meal together but couldn’t (none of us have ovens), so Ryann and I opted for Kraft mac and cheese from the American food store (I hadn’t been there before!), added some bacon, I made an autumn salad, and we watched Louie on Netflix while we ate. Nat (not even American) was the first to tell me Happy Thanksgiving that day. I guess I’m just not very festive. It was definitely hard to see people with their families and friends on Facebook and Instagram, and it really made me miss home. It only took a few seconds for me to realize that not only do I have an incredible thing going for me here, I’ll be home before I know it and for longer.

Ryann and I on a canal, so classy!

Ryann and I on a canal, so classy!



The Vespa incident was pretty traumatic; I didn’t see it happen, but I saw a bike, an old woman on her back, and a guilty Vespa driver walking from a few yards ahead of her. Those Vespas man, ALWAYS in the way. About 10 people on bikes stopped to help and it gave me goosebumps. I wanted to stop but realized the communication barrier would be troublesome and I didn’t even see the accident happen, so I continued on.  You never actually see the accidents (bikes hit by trams, buses hitting trams, cars hitting bikes, bikes hitting people) but they definitely have to be happening a lot. Just makes me more cautious, although I did manage to put gloves on while biking up a hill this evening…

I love being around the city during this time when there are so many lights and shoppers and things to see. I have found gifts for all of my family members from some of my favorite places, but I know I can find more. Getting them home will be difficult, but I will have to figure it out. Everyone is so happy and cozy. My friends and I are going to have a holiday party sometime next week. Luckily a few of my friends that are only here for the first semester will actually still be here when I come back in January, so goodbyes aren’t totally necessary yet. Callum’s birthday party was on Friday, and it just reminded me how close our building has become, and how nice it is to see everyone together (when I’m not experimenting and analyzing crop production per capita in China for the future…)

De Bijnkorf for the holidays

De Bijenkorf for the holidays

Happy Birthday Callum!

Happy Birthday Callum!

I’ll be headed to Prague on Thursday and it’s supposed to snow there. I’ve made a list of what I want to do and couldn’t be more excited. Puppets are big there, and so are other magical things. But I’ll leave all of that for my next entry. Stay tuned!

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