One Dutch MONTH down!

Absolute insanity. After having some tea with Nat last night, we came to the realization that we’re the luckiest girls on earth to be able to spend a whole year here. We outlined our weekends a bit and realized there is such little time left in the semester. School is busy, days are getting shorter, but somehow the city is still so crowded and happening. It makes getting to our destinations by bike a little more chaotic (I’ve only hit a person once, so that’s fine) but at least we’re never lonely. My week was quite busy academically but I still managed to see a museum (see earlier post), buy a new pair of rain boots (soaking wet feet are less than fun), learn more Dutch, and eat more pancakes.

I had regular class along with two labs this week for Food Production. We tested which foods had genetically-modified corn or soy, which is quite scary but expected nowadays. Days like that, when I’m in the lab or class and learning from a Dutch person about their opinion on GMOs, remind me of what a great choice I made by coming to the Netherlands. I love making Dutch friends in the lab and speaking to my professors during downtime. While talking to Hans, the lab director (who looks exactly how a middle-aged, fit, Dutch science man would look), I learned more about the weather here and how much people enjoy ice skating in the winter. I’m excited! He said the freeze doesn’t happen until December, so I have some time. Biking to Science Park five times was a little less than enjoyable, especially with rain pounding at your face, but at least I faced my fear and don’t care about rain at all anymore. I actually quite like it. My mom said I’ll miss it when I go back to either Texas or California, and I think I will. Everything stays so clean.

When I wasn’t in a lab, I was definitely experiencing the feeling of being super Dutch. I still can’t get over how nice biking at night is, and how I love to be bundled up. Listening to music makes the journey to SP less dull, but don’t worry parents, I still pay attention to cars and pedestrians; I only hit that person because I saw my friend from Hockaday walking, and I forgot that turning around prohibits you from seeing what’s in front of you. I was so excited to see her, hit the person, and my friend didn’t even see me. Oh well…

I felt super Dutch again while at Trouw on friday night. It’s the best nightclub in Amsterdam and completely FULL of stylish, attractive Dutch youths. It wasn’t creepy or anything, just the place for young people in the city to be. The music was great, the company was fun, and I look forward to going back. Yesterday, Catherine, Nat and I went exploring in the city. We found cute used clothing and yummy pancakes. I’ve never had a savory pancake, but Pancakes! in Amsterdam has some amazing ones. They even give you a little Pancakes! clog key chain when you pay.

Pancakes!, another amazing pancake restaurant. Yum. I had one with spinach, goat cheese, garlic oil, and pinenuts. No pancake will EVER be the same. We've peaked in Amsterdam.

Pancakes!, another amazing pancake restaurant. Yum. I had one with spinach, goat cheese, garlic oil, and pine nuts. No pancake will EVER be the same. We’ve peaked in Amsterdam.

Walking around the nine streets. Translation: Oh Amsterdam, you're beautiful.

Walking around the nine streets. Translation: Oh Amsterdam, you’re beautiful.

That’s all for now. I’ll be travelling next weekend to Munich but will have plenty to share. Hope I survive Oktoberfest!


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